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Wondering how to start a Western/ Italian restaurant in Asia? We take you step-by-step from start to success

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China’s integration into the world economy accelerates, western food has grown from a small novelty into an emerging industry and an essential part of Chinese food culture. In recent years, China’s food industry has maintained rapid growth in business volume, with western food contributing its fair proportion, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.


Over the past ten years, western food has become more diversified and has increasingly provided Chinese consumers with unconventional enjoyment, a complete turn from traditional Chinese food culture. China now has western-style cuisine of various nationalities and special characteristics. French, German and Italian restaurants are the most popular. Western-style fast food is led by McDonald’s and KFC; bars, coffee shops, Japanese sushi bars, South Korean cuisine and south-east Asian delicacies are also ascendant.


Latest statistics from the China Cuisine Association indicate that there are more than 20,000 western catering companies in 30 provincial-level administrative regions and more than 60% of China’s cities. These establishments employ a total of 140,000 staff. The western food industry has even developed in Yunnan’s Lijiang, Tibet’s Lhasa, Ningxia’s Yinchuan and other areas with exuberant vitality.

最新统计,中国烹饪协会表示,有超过20000西方餐饮公司在30个省级行政区和超过60 %的中国城市。这些机构共雇用14万工作人员。西部食品工业,甚至发达国家在云南的丽江,西藏的拉萨,宁夏银川市和其他地区的旺盛的生命力。

According to industrial resources, China’s western food consumption has a nutlike structure -a majority of the restaurants are medium-priced, with a few extremely cheap and extremely expensive ones – which guarantees a relatively concentrated and stable consumption group and high profits for the western food business.


Two decades ago, only five-star hotels and a few restaurants in China provided good western food. Many of the customers were foreign visitors. But now it has become more widely available and there are more western food restaurants in cities. But much of the food is cooked in the old style. China needs to catch up with new trends in western cuisine.
there is a long way to go. We’re all here to train the Chinese staff, because the western food always changes. It’s never stand still. The western food in China, it’s stand still. That’s why we are here now to bring it up to date. I think the western food in china has a great future